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Door Knocking

Meet at 10am at Garfield Elementary School: 7101 Old Keene Mill Rd., Springfield.
Email BrodyForVA@protonmail for full details, or just come and help.

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My name is Maureen Brody,

and I'm running to support and safeguard your family

After decades of volunteer service in the community, I’m stepping up to put government back in its proper place: protecting citizens, limiting public debt and taxes, and allowing the family to flourish.

A lifelong Virginian, I have been serving the Fairfax County community for 35 years in volunteer positions in education, sports, homeowners associations, church, scouts and roadside/stream cleanups. This year I decided enough is enough—we in House District 39 are being ignored and, consequently, aren’t being represented in Richmond. So I threw my hat in the ring to serve this community at the state level.

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Family First

An intact family is the biggest factor in human success. Public policy must support job creation at good wages, community security, wealth perpetuation, and parents’ authority over their children’s education and health.

End Government Overreach

Our government exists solely to guarantee the natural rights of its citizens. For too long, our legislators have overstepped their mandates with reckless laws, regulations and diktats that cause harm to those they should be protecting. That will end.

Protect Human Rights

Human society is not just for the strongest and most aggressive. People have inherent dignity from conception to natural death, and the government is obligated to protect human rights. This is a non-negotiable tenet of my candidacy.

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